Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Present time!!!

Chellos Everybody! i hope everyone had a AWESOME holiday.
today is actually NEW YEARS EVE! i hope everyone does this year on right i know i will! So lets get started on the goodies haha!
So i got this from my mom im still surprise she got this for mi i love it now i goes with most of my wardrobe,lol:) got at jcpennys

so not really a fan of gold earrings but wen my friend Julie gave mi this i was in love. she got these at Forever21,wow i love the shield type of earrings:)

ok so the top stuff i actually got myself at Styles4less, i was like"OMG i NEED to get this NOW" i don't have any chunky bracelets or anything with pearls, and i got the owl because i think every girl should at least have one ha:
) and i love this because i got it on sell buy one get the one for 50cents :D  

 ahh ok so my tia got my this and wow i love it to the fullest eekk im fav i would say :)

So i got this from my friend Alex, it is Sugar Plum this smells AMAZING. As you can tell i have used it tehe! i love the bubble bath and fizz ahah wonderful time from the winter:) 

so this little charming gift was from my cousins and i so excited i don't want to open it just yet.not until i start school again i can tell you i love the smell wow i fell over heals for it haha<3

okay so my momma and pops got i this nail thing but is a fan too.man i love it i do my nail art and this will totally come in handy haha:)
So yea i got my new favorite shirt of 2011. they are Arizona shirts from Jcpennys i love this because they snuggle against your body haha:)

my mom got mi this shirt it from Styles4Less it a bat wing shirt but is half way.its supper loose it just hangs off the shoulder! i love it because even if its loose its not boxy looking!

so the scarfs i got from my mom the burgundy color one,got it at Jcpenny..aha i love it i actually picked it myself and (hinted) wink wink..to her that i wanted it so bad haha
the other i got from my grandma i love it its so warm and i will defiantly going to need it with this cold around here haha! she also got mi a ANNA brown leather bag with i love!

AHAHAH i got a Laptop from best buy..NO more borrowing my moms! haha i could do everything here im super happy i actually cried so much when i revived it because i have been trying to save for 3 yrs to buy a laptop maybe even longer ha! i super happy both my dad and brother had to stand in the freezing cold during black Friday for 3 nights to get mi this :) im soo glad !

OKtay so that wat i got for my Christmas tell mi what you did in your holiday and what did you get!
Thank you to everyone who got mi something i really super appreciated it to the fullest! thank you and goodnight. bye!

Monday, January 3, 2011

blogging haha!

Hellos everybody! well i hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday break. Everyone is getting back on track starting off the year hopefully great. AH i just love it outside it snowed like crazy yesterday it looked like winter wonderland! To bad all of it is melting away..i didn't even get to play in it, but glad the neighbors kids did.i guess i'm getting too old. Instead of going out side I've been reading my good old books. In the end i will suggest some books you should read if u like reading. lol OMG so last night i go into my parents room to watch TV and there is actually a show these brides trying to win surgeries!and little things here and there for there wedding.i was like "WOW" ha-ha so i know a couple of ppl are asking mi to go back to my makeup.i am working on couple of things,but i have been busy around the house and trying to spend time with my family. So there are going to be more blogs coming up once i get a routine going on. Recently i have been going on a rampage to do some drawings. So im also working that so i do apologize. please tell your friends and family to checkout my blog. and if u have any suggestions on looks for mi to do i will be more than happy to do them for u. :)
i hope you have a nice day im going to read haha:)
You can follow mi on Twitter : @SMiLEySMiLes11
have a nice day :)

Books i read:series,novels (these books are all page turners no lie!)
The immortals by Alyson Noel:Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland, Dark Flame,Night Star
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead:Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifice
Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine:Glass House,The Dead Girls Dance, Midnight Alley, Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule, Carpe Corpus, Fadeout, Kiss of Death, Ghost Town,(coming 2011)Bite Club
Fallen Series by Lauren Kate:Fallen, Torment,(coming soon)Passion
Becca Fitzpatrick:Hush Hush, Crescendo

Thanx for coming along i will put more books later on if u guys want!love ya see you next time. bye!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

COmiNg BACK with a BANG!!

APPOLGIES: hey my followers well im SUPER DuppER sorry! Well im a student so yall all know the end of a semester can be so Crazy with finals..to many test to take!i am going to come back impove on how to show how to do make up. Also im ganna do fashion stuff..ehh just things to do!

New YEars!!!: So we all know the 2011 is coming up...are we ready? im sure not im goin to hope for the best nd see were it takes me. if you got plans enjoy them dont be a stickler for the rules!LIVE A LITTLE PEOPLE! MAKE MISTAKES! PARTY!RELAX!BE WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS!JUST DO THIS YEAR RIGHT! im sure i am!

  • Get all "A's" in my classes
  • make a entry daily or twice a week
  • get social with friends and family again
  • save money
  • fight for what i love*him*(get him)lol
  • Get back to my religous side
  • help others
  • reach my weight goal!
  • be more suportive
  • this swimm team take it to the top!
  • get back in touch with my artistic side
  • stand up for what i believe in.
So tell mi what are your resolution! hope to see you guys more often! nd follow mi on twitter!
see you later>>:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Classic NIGHt ouT/ DAy

Hey Blogger!
OK so GAls i got the perfects look.it so perfect for day and soo night out.its easy fun and AWESOME!!!
  • 88 BHCOSMEICS palette
  • URBAN DECAY primer potion
  • white base
  • glittery silver
  • white silver
  • matte med brown
  • matte black
  • matte white
How tO:
  1. use a eyeshadow pimer so it wont crease!
  2. pat the silver on the lid
  3. in the inner cornner apply the white silver
  4. then get a blending brush and blend the matte brown on the outter corner and the crease. go a lilttle above the crease.
  5. the with the same brush blend the black in a otter v in the outer conner
  6. then apply some black on the lower lid
  7. then the black liquid/gel liner, mascara, eyeliner

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


HEy BlaoGeRsS!!
im so sorry for my  absents i just have so much work from school ...
i noe i noe still no excuse haha!
but i will be posting up a new look later on tomorrow i hope!
so today im just going to ramble haha!
omg i so kany believe a new MACYS is opening haha kant wait to go shop this weekend! yaya! like who doesnt like shopping. i say save your money but always have some aside for your self. Girls alot of you dont know tthat treating yourself isnt bad if it once in a while. so go have fun and SHOP SHOP SHOP lol!:)
weelll that was my quick update and ramble haha see you soon:)