Wednesday, December 22, 2010

COmiNg BACK with a BANG!!

APPOLGIES: hey my followers well im SUPER DuppER sorry! Well im a student so yall all know the end of a semester can be so Crazy with many test to take!i am going to come back impove on how to show how to do make up. Also im ganna do fashion stuff..ehh just things to do!

New YEars!!!: So we all know the 2011 is coming up...are we ready? im sure not im goin to hope for the best nd see were it takes me. if you got plans enjoy them dont be a stickler for the rules!LIVE A LITTLE PEOPLE! MAKE MISTAKES! PARTY!RELAX!BE WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS!JUST DO THIS YEAR RIGHT! im sure i am!

  • Get all "A's" in my classes
  • make a entry daily or twice a week
  • get social with friends and family again
  • save money
  • fight for what i love*him*(get him)lol
  • Get back to my religous side
  • help others
  • reach my weight goal!
  • be more suportive
  • this swimm team take it to the top!
  • get back in touch with my artistic side
  • stand up for what i believe in.
So tell mi what are your resolution! hope to see you guys more often! nd follow mi on twitter!
see you later>>:)