Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Present time!!!

Chellos Everybody! i hope everyone had a AWESOME holiday.
today is actually NEW YEARS EVE! i hope everyone does this year on right i know i will! So lets get started on the goodies haha!
So i got this from my mom im still surprise she got this for mi i love it now i goes with most of my wardrobe,lol:) got at jcpennys

so not really a fan of gold earrings but wen my friend Julie gave mi this i was in love. she got these at Forever21,wow i love the shield type of earrings:)

ok so the top stuff i actually got myself at Styles4less, i was like"OMG i NEED to get this NOW" i don't have any chunky bracelets or anything with pearls, and i got the owl because i think every girl should at least have one ha:
) and i love this because i got it on sell buy one get the one for 50cents :D  

 ahh ok so my tia got my this and wow i love it to the fullest eekk im fav i would say :)

So i got this from my friend Alex, it is Sugar Plum this smells AMAZING. As you can tell i have used it tehe! i love the bubble bath and fizz ahah wonderful time from the winter:) 

so this little charming gift was from my cousins and i so excited i don't want to open it just yet.not until i start school again i can tell you i love the smell wow i fell over heals for it haha<3

okay so my momma and pops got i this nail thing but is a fan too.man i love it i do my nail art and this will totally come in handy haha:)
So yea i got my new favorite shirt of 2011. they are Arizona shirts from Jcpennys i love this because they snuggle against your body haha:)

my mom got mi this shirt it from Styles4Less it a bat wing shirt but is half way.its supper loose it just hangs off the shoulder! i love it because even if its loose its not boxy looking!

so the scarfs i got from my mom the burgundy color one,got it at Jcpenny..aha i love it i actually picked it myself and (hinted) wink wink..to her that i wanted it so bad haha
the other i got from my grandma i love it its so warm and i will defiantly going to need it with this cold around here haha! she also got mi a ANNA brown leather bag with i love!

AHAHAH i got a Laptop from best buy..NO more borrowing my moms! haha i could do everything here im super happy i actually cried so much when i revived it because i have been trying to save for 3 yrs to buy a laptop maybe even longer ha! i super happy both my dad and brother had to stand in the freezing cold during black Friday for 3 nights to get mi this :) im soo glad !

OKtay so that wat i got for my Christmas tell mi what you did in your holiday and what did you get!
Thank you to everyone who got mi something i really super appreciated it to the fullest! thank you and goodnight. bye!

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