Thursday, September 16, 2010

Color my world RED!

Hey blogsters,
AHHAH well i was so tired yesturday so i didn't have time to put up a post.So here it is.!

So everybody want me to start making videos and i still dont know. i will have to think about it. You gals tell me what you think.
Heres the look i did
its funn cool and collective. Very dramatic but you can always tone it down on how you dress and also its good for a night out,and for 4th of July
it a recreation. hope you like this!

What i used:
-88 Bhcosmetics eyeshadow palette
* matte red
*burnt orange
* shimmery red orange
*shimmery blue
*matte white
*H.I.P gel liner-black

  2. apply red eyeshadow on the lid and on the inner corner and the outer corner. leave middle blank.
  3. blend the orange in the corner so the red wont leave a harsh line
  4. apply the shimmery eyeshadow in the middle and blend a little with the red
  5. apply the white on the brow bone and blend.
  6. the use the blue on the lower lid.
  7. *optional* put black gel/ liquid liner
  8. then apply mascara and eyeliner
so there you have it. have fun with this look
and hope you liked it!
see you soon:)

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