Tuesday, September 14, 2010

P U R P L E! 2 in 1 whatt!!!

H3yy blogger!
Finally school was  easy!i could R E L A X. kant wait for tomorrow for club rush!! So wanna make this year different. Join clubs so i kan at least 20 years from now i kan look back and say,"wow i love my highschool year!"

SOOO lets get to it the look of the day,
Well what can ii say today this morning i look outside my window and what do i see one singel purple flower.which of course inspired mi for this look.Perfect for the summer/ fall.

What i used!
-88 BHcometics platte
*light brown
*dark purple
*shimmery light purple
*matte med purple
*shimmery white silver
*matte black
*matte white
-  lash blast mascara
- black eyeliner

  1. Apply the light brown a little above crease for the background color
  2. Then use the dark purple for the crease nd a lil above it, blend it with the brown.
  3. then for the lid a light shimmery purple and a matte purple
  4. then apply the silver in the inner corner eye bled to the middle of the lid with the purple.
  5. Then put the matte black in the outter corner of the eye
  6. next apply mascara and eyeliner
  7. lastly a white matte color for the brow bone.

So this look i did was during the summer its more of a Peacock-ish look its good for the night out or if you just like to have funn and wear it out for the day!!!

(used affordable drug store products)
What i used
-Maybelline new york
*40 designer chocolates
:brown & shimmery pink
*06 stylish smokes: Amethyst Smokes
:shimmery purple & matte dark purple
-Wet N Wild "Ultimate Expressions"
:dark red
*397 Paradise Cove
-Mac NC40 foundation
-Mineral Wear: light Bronze foundation powder
-N.Y.C cheek Glow :656A Sutton Place Peach
-N.Y.C Bronzing face powder: 720A sunny

  1. Use the brown on the crease and a little bit above for the background color
  2. apply the purples on the crease blend well for all colors but not the shimmery purple
  3. on the lid apply the dark red first the add the pink and the shimmery purple.
  4. then use the brown for the outter corner.
  5. and white matte for the browbone
  6. appy mascara and liner and gel or liquid liner, all are optional.
So hope you enjoy the looks and have funn!
comment and request for look!

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  1. I really like this look, and I love the ourdoors background, makes the picture look so vintage :)